Brought to you by the team at Play Oldham, this brand new play centre brings over a decade of experience in hosting parties, seasonal events and one off extravaganzas along with their amazing customer service and knowledge of what offers both parent and child a happy, safe, value for money and most importantly fun visit to a play centre.

For more information and to book birthday parties please call 01457 237 260, email or go to website.

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Monday to Friday term time only, join us for unlimited play, a brew, a cup of squash and some toast for just £3.50 per child. Be in by 12 but stay as long as you like.

Picnic Time

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Monday to Friday term time only, unlimited play and a Happy Bag or Picnic Basket meal. Let us feed your child ( and get something for yourself too!) From 12pm, £5.00 per child. Upgrade to a slush for an extra 50p.

Child Minder and Foster Carers

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Join our membership list and you can come out to play for only £2.00 per child. Playgroup Special deal is only £2 for childminders! A brew, squash and toast, toys to play with and other childminders to meet up with.